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CYBER DIVER is a public service, global non-profit conservation activist and consumer advocate that partners with educators, scientists, environmentalists, publishers and the general public to disseminate information aimed at protecting marine wildlife, enhancing public safety and empowering dive consumers with independent, authoritative, accurate, hype-free information about scuba diving products and services..

SCUBA FORUM is published by CYBER DIVER to provide the general public and especially the global scuba diving community with news-driven online forums that invite thoughtful opinions, critical analysis and open debate of often controversial issues covered by CYBER DIVER NEWS NETWORK (CDNN) and other news organizations.

The focus is on nurturing well-written, intelligent analysis, thoughtful commentary and spirited, civil debate as opposed to generating hundreds of thousands of often trivial and meaningless posts that reduce the forums to lowest common denominator chit-chat.

To date, CYBER DIVER does not require registration to search SCUBA FORUM s and participate in the forums, however there are benefits to doing so (go to REGISTRATION). Before posting a message at SCUBA FORUM, please carefully review the following rules, which provide forum participants with a brief, non-legalistic, easy-to-understand overview of common sense guidelines for appropriate conduct in SCUBA FORUM discussions.

1. When you post a comment at SCUBA FORUM, you agree to assume full and sole legal responsibility for your comments.

2. When you post a comment at SCUBA FORUM, you agree to use your first name and the initial of your last name (John D) or the initials of your first and last names (JD).  You may also use your first and last name (John Doe) or a user name (SuperJ) provided you become a registered member.

3. SCUBA FORUM forbids posting SPAM, advertisements, solicitations and links aimed at enhancing the page rank of commercial and non-commercial web sites. (Note: Registered members may now add a web site title and URL when posting.)

4. SCUBA FORUM forbids posting profanity and indecent material.

5. SCUBA FORUM forbids posting harassment, threats and personal insults.

6. SCUBA FORUM forbids posting off-topic comments.

7. SCUBA FORUM forbids the use of "sock puppets" (posting under multiple identities).

8. SCUBA FORUM reserves the right to edit posts in order to make grammatical corrections.

9. SCUBA FORUM reserves the right to edit 'Subject' lines in order to better express the content of each post.

10.  SCUBA FORUM reserves the right to screen all posts and delete comments that do not comply with SCUBA FORUM RULES.


Scuba Diving


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