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Because we currently screen every post for full compliance with SCUBA FORUM RULES, CYBER DIVER does not require registration to search SCUBA FORUM s and participate in the forums, however, there are benefits to doing so.

As a registered SCUBA FORUM member:

1. You can post your messages securely and in real-time (no delay interval to ensure compliance with Scuba Forum Rules).

2. You can lock in a unique user name (which may or may not be your actual name) and prevent identity theft.

3. Your posts will be highlighted with larger font and special graphics such as avatars of your choice that distinguish you as a registered member.

4. You can add the title and URL of your commercial or non-commercial web site to your posts.

5. You will join the esteemed group of ScubaLinx Reviewers who have been approved to review companies and organizations featured in directories.

6. You will enjoy the same priority CYBER DIVER SOCIETY members have for annual non-profit CDS dive expeditions to remote, pristine destinations such as Antarctica, the Phoenix Islands and the Kermadec Islands.

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