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Never heard of this crime here in Koh Tao...

SD - Instructor / Manager
May 20, 2008 at 13:43:11

After originaly reading this in the paper I now see its posted here. I have spent several years on Koh Tao and yes lots of things happen here but in all my time I or other locals have never head of this. The Thai partner of the dive shop I worked for there owned one of the largest clinics in Sairee. She has never treated a drugged tourist in all her time there.

In the paper there was an article from a specialist from the clinic where he is being treated. She stated that his condition was due to two possible things: 1) the toxicity of the drugs administered to him (FACT! no substance has to date been found in any of the tests done since his accident) or 2) his condition could have been caused by the inhalation of vomit causing a lack of oxygen to the brain.

Now he was found in a bar where his " friends " just presumed he had drunk too much. Now that to me means they had already seen him in this type of state before. In a lot of the bars on Koh Tao, tourists buy BUCKETS of very cheap, very strong alcohol. I have seen MANY tourists caught out by these buckets and the Thai partner has treated hundreds.

The article goes on to say that he was evacuated to Samui on the mainland. Another inaccuracy in ths story. Now the last time I looked Koh Samui was still an island and not on the mainland. It also goes on to say that if you ask the taxi drivers and locals they will tell you this happens all the time. Again not true. The last thing these people will tell you is that. They rely on the very tourists they would scare away by saying such things and they know it.

As I read this it is all about a young man drinkng too much and ending up nearly killing himself. A tragic accident and one that should be a warning to other young men out there. To blame it on being drugged is to save his reputation and face and believe me you hear lots of these stories over here. All we seem to hear about Thailand are bad. There are lots of good stories here just nobody wants to hear them as they don't make dramatic headlines like this story.

Lets hope with time he gets better.

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