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CDNN :: Three scuba divers dead in Spiegel Grove wreck diving accident

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by LUTHER MONROE - CDNN Dive Safety News Editor

Scuba-Do Diving Charters
The Spiegel Grove wreck diving victims--Kevin Coughlin, Scott Stanley and Jonathan Walsweer--were diving with Scuba-Do Diving Charters, a dive boat based in Key Largo.  Since the Spiegel Grove was sunk in 2002, six divers have died on the wreck, including 48-year-old Eunice Lasala who was also diving from the Scuba-Do dive boat.

KEY LARGO, Florida (16 Mar 2007) -- Three scuba divers from New Jersey died while exploring the USS Spiegel Grove, a former Navy ship sunk in 2002 in the Florida Keys as an artificial reef.

Kevin Coughlin, 51, Scott Stanley, 55, and Jonathan Walsweer, 38, were diving together on a deep penetration dive into the lower part of the 510-ft Spiegel Grove when they apparently became disoriented.

A fourth diver, Howard Spialter, 52, also from New Jersey, was diving with the group but was stationed at the entrance to the ship's hull and did not enter the wreck.

He safely resurfaced after running low on air and sounded the missing diver alert.

Two divers from another dive boat immediately descended to the wreck and found Coughlin unconscious.

They brought the victim to the surface, pulled him aboard a waiting dive boat and rushed him to shore while performing CPR...

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