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Where have I been?...

Andrea Ferrari - CMAS ***/Journalist-Photographer-Book Author
May 31, 2006 at 11:21:39

"you agree to comply with CDNN policy forbidding indecent material, profanity, personal insults, off-topic posts, advertising or solicitations, and to legally assume full and sole responsibility for your comments".

Does "Dive industry whore" qualify as a personal insult? Anyway, for the past 10 years my wife Antonella and I have been diving Sipadan and other SE Asian destinations for six weeks twice a year, authoring several best-selling books (my latest was awarded the World Grand Prize at the Antibes Underwater Image Festival in 2004) and seeing with our own eyes the devastation inflicted on pristine reefs by cyanide and bomb fishing wherever there are no dive operations around. Have you? Maybe loudmouths like you should travel and learn more before venting air - if people had not  been diving Sipadan in numbers for the past twenty years there would be nothing left of it. And the "we" referred to all divers - just to clarify. And now I can happily go back to my snapshots.

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