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CDNN: Shark kills tourist during interactive shark feeding dive in Bahamas

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by LUTHER MONROE - CDNN Safety News Editor

Shark feeding
Despite pumping more than a million dollars into its campaign to legalize shark feeding, PADI, DEMA and various dive industry insiders bent on supporting the status quo failed to prevent a ban on so-called "interactive" diving in Florida, which banned fish feeding in 2001.

 European attorney on holiday in the Bahamas died after he was attacked by a shark that was manipulated with fish bait to perform for thrill-seeking scuba diving tourists.

Markus Groh, 49, of Vienna, Austria, was diving off the 70-ft M/V Shear Water dive boat when a shark suddenly attacked him.

The Shear Water dive boat is owned and operated by notorious shark feeder Jim Abernethy of "Jim Abernethy Scuba Adventures", a Florida-based company that attempted to evade Florida's ban on shark feeding dives by moving its shark feeding tours offshore...

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Shark Feeding: Dive Industry vs Environmentalists

Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network

Jean-Michel Cousteau
Shark riding stuntman and hotel developer Jean-Michel Cousteau demonstrates why "Son of Cousteau" is a box office bomb!

With virtually unlimited resources, dive industry heavies, PADI, DEMA, Skin Diver, Rodale Inc. and Jean-Michel Cousteau defiantly goose-stepped into Florida to the free enterprise beat of chumsickles, money and lawyers.

Two years later, they hobbled back out of the state, their reputations as environmentally responsible organizations in shambles after a stunning defeat by a grassroots coalition of divers, dive operators, sport fishers, eco groups, environmental activists and ultimately, a highly critical press and angry public.

Dive into CDNN's Shark Feeding Special, the definitive source of authoritative and comprehensive news reports on key events that led to Florida's decision to ban all marine life feeding in state waters...

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