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Sea Shepherd's crew are called 'patrol officers' because that's what they are...

Josh - Dive Leader / Sociologist
January 20, 2007 at 09:10:47

Re: " . . . Why do the (CDNN) articles list these guys as "Patrol Officers" as if they were representing the government? . . . "  Old Sarge

CDNN's use of the word "patrol officer" is absolutely correct and therefore it would appear you are the one who is full of crap.

Sea Shepherd's ship, the "Steve Irwin", is a patrol vessel and the crew in question are officers so it is absolutely accurate to refer to them as "patrol officers". The following link, which list jobs for "cruise ship officers", should help to clarify that "officer" is not limited to people who work aboard military vessels:

I have not read all of CDNN's articles on this topic but what I have read does not suggest that Sea Shepherd and its crew represent any government.  I think it is clear they represent people who support the Sea Shepherd organization as well as the millions of people around the world who oppose the resumption of commercial whaling under the guise of "scientific" or "research" whaling.

In short, Sea Shepherd is a patrol vessel whose officers and crew are patroling the Southern Ocean Marine Sanctuary according to international law which bans all commercial whaling.

As for your comments that Sea Shepherd's patrol officers are lucky to be alive because they acted like pirates, you've also got that wrong.  Pirates steal things for financial benefit. Sea Shepherd and its officers and crew are doing just the opposite: They are trying to prevent Japan from stealing whales from the Southern Ocean Sanctuary and from all of us who respect, admire and wish to protect the gentle giants.

Sea Shepherd are ocean-based cops. The Japanese are violent, plundering pirates who should be prosecuted for criminal acts under international law.






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