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CDNN: Japanese eco-terrorists take marine patrol officers hostage

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by EVAN T. ALLARD - CDNN Eco News Editor

Whaling Wars
Japanese eco-terrorists caught poaching took two marine patrol officers hostage and lashed them to the railings of the pirate whaler Yushin Maru in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

SOUTHERN OCEAN (15 Jan 2008) -- Japanese eco-terrorists caught poaching in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary have taken two marine patrol officers hostage.

Japanese whalers assaulted marine sanctuary patrol officers Benjamin Potts, 28, from Australia, and Giles Lane, 35, from Britain, as they attempted to board the pirate whaling vessel and serve its captain with an arrest warrant for illegally killing marine mammals in the Australia-Antarctica Sanctuary some 4,000 kilometers south of Fremantle.

Witnesses said the Japanese poachers attempted to throw Officer Potts overboard and later tied both men to railings of the Yushin Maru No. 2, a commercial whaling vessel equipped with a powerful bow harpoon that fires exploding grenades into the backs of whales...

CDNN: War of the whales: Patrol vessels closing in on Antarctic pirates

Powered by CDNN - CYBER DIVER News Network
by EVAN T. ALLARD - CDNN Eco News Editor

Robert Hunter
The mission of the 'Robert Hunter' is to enforce international law and protect the Antarctica marine sanctuary from pirates and poachers often disguised as scientific research ships.

SOUTHERN OCEAN (10 Jan 2007) -- Marine sanctuary patrol vessels in Antarctica are closing in on Japanese poachers disguised as scientific research ships.

The 1,000-tonne 'Robert Hunter' and the 657-tonne 'Farley Mowat' are speeding towards an area in the Southern Ocean marine sanctuary where pirates funded by Japanese ultranationalists are poaching whales.

Defiant Japanese political extremists, whose strident ultranationalist rhetoric echoes the anti-western slogans of Japanese fascists convicted of war crimes and executed after World War II, have threatened to kill more than 1,000 whales and attack marine sanctuary patrol vessels...


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