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No scuba diving after 50? How about Jacques Cousteau?

Jim P - Master Diver / Electrician
February 9, 2008 at 23:54:52

I have read the posting from Mr. Sutherland and I am very surprised that his doctors feel that diving past 50 years of age is bad to the point of being a danger to ones health.

I have been a scuba diver since 1987 and I have done all over the world literally and with MANY men and women 50 and over and I have never seen or heard of anything regarding age over 50 causing any health problems. I have a very good friend who is ex-Seal who has been through a lot more exposure to the limits of diving and he has no more health problems than the average person.

It may need to have more research done on this "over 50" thing but I beleive that one individual is different than another and health/reactions to stress etc. does affect each of us and diving can be a stressful sport.

To condemn an activity for all on no scientific basis is ridiculous at the least and with very little research any individual can get more information than these recalcitrant "practicing" doctors. I can cite myself one extremely famous person that lived and enjoyed scuba diving 37 years beyond this so called 50 year barrier who by the way was born and caused so many people to explore diving by watching National Geographic.

His name is Jacques Yves Cousteau and he was born 1910 and died 1997 and even when he couldn't walk very well from old age and had to be handled into the water he still scuba dived as well as anyone and came out of the water without any odd or life threatening side effects, other that a great BIG smile!

So until someone studies diving and comes to a clinicle conclusion that a sport is detrimental to someone's health I wish that ignorance would not prevale, to be aware of one's own limitations and health should be enough. To use the same logic that these doctors use one might come to the conclusion that snow sking is a health risk to anyone because a tree or avalanche may occur and be life threatening or cause frostbite.

By the way-I can substantiate over 600 hours (that's over 75 days) diving and I'm turning the big FIVE-OH on feb 20 2008 and I have NO intention of stopping the sport I love and respect so much!

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Scuba Diving


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