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CDNN :: Investigation ends but questions remain about rebreather fatality

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Prism Topaz rebreather
Prism Topaz rebreather manufactured by Steam Machines.

SAN MATEO, California (15 Feb 2007) -- The investigation of a drowning off the Monterey County coast has concluded, but a central question in the death of a renowned San Mateo attorney remains unanswered.

Robert Crawford, 65, slipped beneath the surface of the ocean four miles off Point Sur during a diving expedition Oct. 7. His body was found four days later on the ocean floor.

Deputy Tom Jenkins of the Monterey County Coroner's Office said Tuesday that Crawford died of asphyxia, but the events that precipitated the accident may never be clear.

"I can tell you he drowned," Jenkins said. "The investigation tried to determine exactly what caused him to black out and sink under the water, but we could never come up with an exact cause"...

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