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Casualness of the Wave Dancer passengers...

Teresa Mars - Non-Diver/Wife of Wave Dancer victim Ray Mars
Nov 1, 2005 at 19:09:52

I think you misunderstand what you refer to as comfortable and casual, referring to the Wave Dancer passengers.  All of these same people had been together on a trip exactly one year before this tragedy, on the Sea Dancer out of Turks and Caicos. That captain was extremely safety-conscious, everyone enjoyed a safe, comfortable trip. So, why would any of them expect Captain Martin to do things any differently?  After all, Peter Hughes is widely known for his "luxurious " dive ships, and wonderful trips.

There was absolutely no reason for any of these victims to expect that they would be kept out at sea longer than any other ship, nor would they expect to be lied to about the available plces for them to seek shelter. The radios had been made inoperable by Captain Martin, even his own crew members, including the second captain, asked him repeatedly to return to port on Sunday, and he absolutely refused. Unfortunately, none of the passengers were aware of all this drama, so they were completely unaware of the dangers coming directly at them. Martin did absolutely everything completely wrong, when there was any decision to be made, he made the wrong one. And he killed 20 people, however he himself was in a lifeboat. 

Regardless of all of this wrongdoing, and also regardless of the arrest of Martin by the Belizean authorities after the capsizing, Peter Hughes was able to get him out of jail, and allow him to just run away, like the coward he is. But, we also need to remember that Martin was just following orders from the almighty Hughes himself, who was somehow able to escape any ramifications from all these deaths, thanks to his apparent association with IMMARBE.  Money really does buy anything, I guess. 

I just tonight read of the loss of license and the removal of any dive credentials for the owner of the dive boat that allowed a diver to die after drifting for 3 days.  What a horror those last 3 days were for an innocent young woman, a med student. Her poor family!!! The suffering has to be indescribable.

So, how is it that this company "Advanced One" was forced to cease operations in Belize by the Tour Operating Licensing Committee of the Belize Tourism Board, and yet nothing was done to Peter Hughes when he was responsible for killing 20 times the number that Advanced One was?  It makes no sense at all, yet the ideas running through my thoughts are many.  Can anyone explain what is the reason for the extreme difference in treatment of these two boat owners?  I cannot even begin to understand it, but I sure have my own thoughts on the issue.

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