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Blame or not...

Teresa Mars - Non-Diver/Wife of Wave Dancer victim
March 21, 2005 at 20:27:21

To Jason, and others who may want to know:

I am not defending anyone, including the Dive Expresions Dive Shop.  I have always been interested only in discovering how this tragedy occurred. I had always believed that Captain Phillip Martin, and especially Peter Hughes himself, were the ones responsible for this tragedy, and therefore the ones to blame. The people from Dive Expressions were not on the trip, so could not really say what happened.

Maybe you have forgotten that many family members begged for that report for over 3 years. One of the reasons that it was so very delayed is that the 3 survivors from the Richmond Dive Club, who were there, and knew everything we were so desperate to find out, refused to even speak to IMMARBE until the law suit was over. That is still one of the worst, most cruel things I have ever heard in my life, their absolute refusal to help the family members left without their loved ones, who were so desperate for any shred of information. They had originally sworn to get to the bottom of the tragedy, put Hughes out of business, and many other things, that I remember word for word. Then, mysteriously, they refused to answer any questions, or even speak to me or my family.  Of course, when the lawsuit was over, they took their share very willingly, and then opened their mouths.  Seems quite odd to me. 

If you want to add more blame, why not them? They obviously were no more interested in any investigation than those from Dive Expressions, but I don't see any criticism of them, or what it was that silenced them for such a long time.  So, I am not excusing anyone, except for the victims, of course. They were told nothing, left trapped in the dining salon, with no life jackets, nothing in preparation.  They were locked in there, trapped, helpless, to drown horrific deaths.

Interestingly enough, many on this forum have spoken of the "spoiled, rich divers" on board the Wave Dancer, implying that they got what they deserved, because they had insisted on staying out at sea for too long. Now, those that have said those things (and you know who you are), have not said one thing, or changed their thoughts after the release of the IMMARBE report, where it is clearly stated that the divers themselves were helpless in the face of Phillip Martin's incompetence, and ignorance, and Hughes' greediness, and self-importance, regardless of how many he killed. He did get his money, so who cared what happened?

This is just another posting off-topic.  When is anyone going to say that the report actually says who is responsible for 20 deaths? Apparently, it is much easier to take a completely different train of thought, and just ignore the facts, as stated in the report. What will it take for any of you to admit how wrong, not to mention how horrifically mean-spirited and cruel (go back to Mars, Teresa) you have been?

You are simply adding yourselves to the very long list of bad people, who just don't give a damn about anyone but themselves.

Dive VIP








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