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Forgive my last couple of posts...

David Hay - Instructor/Scuba Diving Instructor
March 17, 2005 at 07:35:44

I was typing way to fast and not proof reading. My frustration over the worthless and baseless crap being posted had me posting in anger. I allowed a weekend part time instructor who not only does not know the people involved but does not have a clue how the dive industry works to provide divers with dive opportunities to get the better of me. Maybe if Ian ever gets a shop and has to work 20 hours a day for little money he will get a grip on the reality of a very back stabbing industry works. DE stays out of the store bashing and rumor generation, this however means they are the victims of them. So DE takes the high road and is found guilty be being silent. Like I said maybe if you ever get your own shop you'll see this and not pay to much attention to baseless and unfounded rumors.

I allowed this to get my blood pressure up and have once again been diverted form the topic at hand. How discussing to use the wave Dancer trip to slander some one who do not like. Dive Expressions has nothing to do with the RDC and never will. RDC has found a new shop out on the west end to dominate. I apologies for allowing this to get so far out of hand. I will not post anymore on this issue.

And yea know what Ian, being called a forum cop is not nearly as bad as being a forum bully like you.

Now back to the real point..

Did you all see this, he has a new boat or maybe an old one, Does any one know how long he has had this one? I only just found out because of a post to a anouther site. however look below it, he is also recruiting and expanding. This can only mean that we are still diving and suporting Peter Hughes, how sad.

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