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Who needs facts we gota a good old witch hunt...

David Hay - Instructor/Scuba Diving Instructor
March 15, 2005 at 08:15:09

Good grief, god I love a good witch hunt.

1. Was he sued by other Dive Professionals or Dive Shops?

Um rest was sued for 6 million dollars and won all the points except on minor one which they had to pay them $1000. That was the payment, the Instructor from the other shop who gave him the list of names even testified it was his fault Not dive expressions. And well you right to Sue someone is so rare in this country that it proves he is a bad bad bad man your right, good one. The other dive shop by the way, Was the one he had worked for before starting his own and called the others to see if they wanted to jump on the band wagon, Hmm yea that's the dive industry fair and ethical.

2. Why is he no longer PADI?

Well it could have been when he told Padi were to go!!!! HE DID NOT RENEW HIMSELF HE COULD HAVE BUT DID NOT. Could it have been when this other GOOD dive store could not put him outa business in the courts nor could they get the other dive stores to help that they then called PADI. Your PADI knows all see's all and that must mean something right?

3. What happened at Rawlings quarry with the Boy Scouts?

Don't know I was in DE just last week and he showed me a letter from the boy Scouts talking about what a wonderful job DE and its staff did on the last boy scout discover scuba. I would be more then happy to fax you a copy if you would like.

4. The Richmond Dive Club, why did he leave?

As Garry said from the beginning, Once it became as most clubs do. A "CLICK" or a club not about diving but about politics he would leave. It did so he did.

5. Is his online store still named after another local dive shop?


6. Tell me what the procedure is for balancing a regulator and why it would cost $125.00 on a brand new rig.

All Depends was this a servicing type deal? was this an internet deal were they assembled the reg balanced and had some difficulty? I don't know what you asking all depends on Part ( Hose protectors, service kits/ parts). Do you have you service print out detailing what all was dun? Also was it totally assembled or did DE have to assemble it ant from what point? Sometimes people by regs but they don't get things like an inflator hose. That could have cost an addition $30-$45 dollars, but I am just guessing. Cant tell anything with out your service report which should be on your.

Look people I am not here to spend all my time Defending Gary and his wife. Gary and DE are a dive shop I have used for years when my group would come up from Maryland and I never had a problem. Garry is a friend and if you want to be childish and black list me for sticking up for my friends like Ian then go right ahead. That kind of person is not the kind I would want to associate with anyway. All I am saying is it is funny how Garry ruined the RDC one minute and had nothing to do with it the next. Your Reg has nothing to DO with the Wave Dancer. I also know lots of dive shops around the world who right or wrong charge a minimum for working on internet regs because of the liability they take on. For all you know your reg may not have had a warranty but after it was serviced had a one year store warranty. I don't know it is not me you should be asking is it?

I have talked with them AT LENGTH about what happened with the wave dance. Have any off you? Before blinding following some one like Ian who cant see past his own arrogance. Why not Call Garry and ask him. I have my own shop to get up and running and I am sure I will have to put up with slanderous emails about my shop from Ian but I was really hoping this forum had allot more to offer. I could also spend all day and pic out all the bad things about each shop in Richmond, I would also like to point out DE was the only one to really post a profit last year and for it's size, well yea don't get to be the biggest by being second rate. Or is being a profitable dive shop also a bad thing.

Now can we please move on This is getting old!

Dive VIP








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