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The buddy system is pulling you down David...

Ian S - Instructor/University Administrator
March 12, 2005 at 09:25:47

David, you are drowning in your own rhetorical dreck.  It's certainly your right to defend your buddies at Dive Expressions if you want but don't start pretending you're the "forum cop". 

Others in this forum - Teresa Mars for example - have referred to the Richmond Dive Club and the behavior of certain RDC members such as Dave DeBerger.  By your own admission, Gary Kinsler started the club and according to some at least, he was attempting to exploit it for the benefit of his own business.  Therefore, Dive Expressions and the people who own it are fair game.

Apart from your puzzling failure to make a distinction between my posts and those of RDC members who criticized Dive Expressions, your argument doesn't hold much water. Essentially, all you've managed to put forward on their behalf is that Gary and Ellen Kinsler are not the only people in the dive industry who do unscrupulous things to make a buck and that poor Ellen was terribly distraught over the deaths of her friends.

Well she may have been distraught but according to others here as well as reports in CDNN newsletters shortly after the tragedy, not only did she refuse to provide basic information such as who was on the trip, she was hostile and threatened CDNN.  According to the reports, she specifically stated that everybody but Peter Hughes should stay out of it.

That's all I need to know about your friends David.  That's where I draw the line and for me, at least, there is no way you will ever justify Ellen Kinsler's comments.  For me, dive safety is what it's all about and I am certainly not ashamed to repeat:

"Dive professionals" who attempt to obstruct and impede investigations of accidents don't get my business and I would encourage other divers who genuinely care about their safety, and the safety of their loved ones, to avoid Dive Expressions like the plague.

David, the only thing I can add is that if you respond to the scuba-related deaths of your friends and customers as Ellen Kinsler did, you're not getting my business either and I would encourage others to also avoid you and your company if you've got one.

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