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I do agree with you Ian...

Richard Lindsay - Divemaster/Engineer
October 27, 2004 at 18:47:01

I do agree with what you are saying in in some regards. I think the dive industry as a whole being self regulated does not work. And I'm not sure anyone can ever change it. PADI & NAUI have lowered their standards over the years. They have lowered the age requirements. Both I believe have weekend format classes. They have resort courses so you can go diving on your vaction after recieving a couple hours of instruction. This is all done to promote diving. I have seen good instructors and bad ones. Some are in it just for the money and glory and some really want educate divers. Boats are the same in some respects, there are good ones and bad ones. Coast Guard inspections are minimal at best and man over board drills with the Coast Guard are a joke. Alot of boats don't know if they are going to have the same crew the next day. And you know those waiver forms have about the same value as the paper they are written on if the Captin, crew, Instrutor or Divemaster are found negligent. And as you stated good and bad Captains.

I don't mind being beat on I deserve it most of the time. My writing skills are minimal at best, and most of the posts I have written, on many forums especialy lately are written out of anger. All have been about the Wave Dancer. My daughter is a combat reporter when she gets out of the Marines I'll see if she will teach me how to write.

I lost some close friends in Belize, it has been dificult for me to continue diving. I have seen divers die in diving accidents before. But never like the Wave Dancer accident.

Ben's pulling out a paragraph of one of my posts started me thinking about what I had said. And he was right it is a bad statement. I did laugh at the rest of the post though. :) I'll not apoligize for my friends or myself working hard and having a little money for travel and play. All of the people on the Wave Dancer didn't. Buddy Webb saved and took on alot of extra work on so he could go. He left behind two young sons and no money. But Hughes got a new boat. But back to my own dumb statment.

I was on a boat in Carolina one day rigging my back-up dive computer to my video camera and noticed a younger couple on the back of the boat rigging their gear. I noticed all their gear was a little new and light weight for what we are used to seeing, I finished my rigging and went over and started talking to them, and through the course of the conversation I found out they didn't even have one dive computer between the two of them. They had signed up to go diving, right. On the board in the shop the first scheduled dive location had a depth of 160' and the second dive location was 130'. I don't think I need to say anymore about how the rest of the day went. On another offshore trip out of North Carolina the divemaster went in to do a site check and tie in. It was a really hot day. One of the so called tech divers decided to go in before the divemaster came back up and cleared the site. Which he had asked us to wait on him. The diver geared up pulled his crotch strap up over his weight belt and headed for the back of the boat he was warned to wait by several divers on the boat. He was wearing twin 120's and a sling deco bottle. He went in, we found him about 2 1/2 houors later right under the boat. He hadn't turned on any of his tanks.  So Yes there are Bad and Dumb divers, alot of them. I'm sure Ian you have seen many as I have seen more than I would like to admit.

And I do apoligize to you and Travis about making personal remarks. I also want to thank Ben for showing me my evil statement, and I did  do the Google search. And all I can say is COOL. I would and will do anything to help relieve the dive industry of Peter Hughes. As I said before most of my statements are made out of Anger and Frustration. There has been no justice for the Wave Dancer's victims and families. There was alot of negligence involved.

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