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I'm so happy I've never been on a boat with you as Captain...

Richard Lindsay - Divemaster/Engineer
October 22, 2004 at 11:05:12

Ian I run alot of dive trips and I am so happy that I have never been on a boat with you as the Captain. I feel for the tourist divers you are training. I have been in and around several hurricanes both on land and sea. One one trip to the Texas Flower Gardens we sailed out to the Gardens 2'-3'seas. We knew when we left the dock there was a hurricane 7-8 days away. the trip was for 4 days. I think it was day 3 on the trip the seas had grown to 6'-8. The Captain got every one together and said the storm had sped up and that the seas were going to continue to grow, and that after we finished diving that day we would head back to the dock. No questions no nothing the trip was over. We finished the diving and went back, No one knew anything about the location of the storm, all we knew was that the seas were growing and it doesn't take a hurricane to make that happen. The Captain knew what the weather forcast was and knew it was only going to get worse. I didn't ask the Captain to show me the current weather report or his radar or question his judgment. I am also sure he was in contact with the owner of the boat only because I know him and talked with him about it later on. We thanked the Captain and went back home. This was August 1994 MV Spree If indeed you have as many problems with tourist divers as you indicate it would be your own fault. As the Captain of a sailing vessel you have the first and last say so on everything including all safety operations including how many dives a diver can make on any given day or trip or even how much bottom time a diver can have on any given dive. You can even have a person arrested at the dock. The Captain has all of the responsibility in any decisions concerning the saftey of vessel and crew and the stupid tourist divers. Your comment about revenge,that would be nice but justice would be better for the victms and their families and lets not forget the crew members who wanted to get off the boat and were told by the CAPTAIN they would be fired and left in Belize to fend for themselves.

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