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Go back to Mars Teresa and take your psycho-babble with you...

Ian S - Instructor/University Administrator
October 21, 2004 at 14:48:23

Re: "They are very inferior, so must compensate for their own inadequacies by criticizing those that they know nothing about.  Apparently, causing pain to those of us left to mourn our family members, with no chance ever (or so it seems) for real justice to happen, or even the truth to actually come out, gives them some enjoyment. How incredibly pathetic they are." Teresa Mars

Go back to Mars Teresa--you demean yourself and those who were tragically lost aboard the Wave Dancer by lashing out at people who don't line up behind you to blast Hughes. Your two-bit psycho-babble and endless self-pitying rant fais to win hearts and minds and does nothing to further your cause which is what exactly?  Revenge?

There is plenty of blame to go around and no doubt Hughes and company deserve the lion's share of it.  But blaming Hughes for all of the decisions Wave Dancer passengers made, starting with the one to get on the airplane bound for Belize, just doesn't add up no matter how naive or ignorant they were about the lethal power of any hurricane including the one that killed them.  They all knew there was a hurricane coming before the trip started but they all wanted to have their holiday.  Say what you want about Hughes and his crew, everybody would still be alive if they had simply done the prudent thing and canceled the trip. But they did not cancel their trip.  They rolled the dice. They lost.

You get nasty when anyone "blames the dead" but you, and most everyone else I think, would do exactly the same thing if people die again on a Peter Hughes liveaboard.  After all, anyone still diving on his boats has deliberately chosen to ignore all of the evidence that points to corporate greed, stupidity and negligence.

Instead, they blame the dead because they know the people who died on the Wave Dancer were just like them: Tourists who must have their holiday--no matter what.

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