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Boat owner greed and poorly trained crew--that's the problem...

Richard Lindsay - Divemaster/Engineer
October 11, 2004 at 1:30:01

Oh yes your coments upset me! Calling my friends groupies placed it on a personel level. But thanks for clarifying some of your remarks.

I also stated that I am no longer a member of the Richmond Dive Club. The core members of the club passed on in Belize and most of the ones that didn't retired from diving. (That Counted in my eyes)

I did not state the boat was safe. I said it was a nice boat. I don't think I have ever been on a Dive boat that I didn't find some problems with at some level. I have walked away from several boats due to safety issues from my standpoint over the years. But it is not ever going to be practical for any diver to even be fully aware of the condition of the boat or even boat saftey procedures.

I also belive that it is not the mindset of the passengers that is the problem. As we all know diving is suposed to fun and you are going on vacation. The root of the problem is very simple it is 2 fold. The greed of dive boat owners is number 1. And number 2 is the biggest problem, poorly trained boat captains and poorly trained crews which is caused by number 1. How many times have ya been on a boat, and thought about the crews you have seen on these type boats. Did they seem awful young and inexperienced?  Wait the term groupies comes to mind when I think of a lot of the crew members I see on these type boats. Boat safety can only be controled by the owners & crews.

The tourists have 2 jobs 1 to be tourists and 2 to DIVE safely The divers that continue to dive Hughs are not idiots. Most don't even know there was ever even a problem. The problem is how to get dive related problems out to divers in general. If our (not bashing you) government actualy cared Hughes would be out of buisness and just maybe where he belongs along with his captain in jail.

Now back to the Richmond Dive club. They actualy finaly this year decided to put an Memorial Plague under water at a local quarry. The plaque is no more than a advertisment for Richmond Dive Club They actualy took the top 1/3 of the plaque for their logo. There arn't even any names of victims of the plaque. BIG THUMBS DOWN for the Richmond Dive Club.

Oh yea anyone who thinks that there is any responsibility other than Hughs and the Captain angers me. No Travis it is not your fault just your thought process. I quess I need to call US Airways and and get the safety record of the plane and crew  that I am using to fly on to the sexy dive boat should I also make sure there is radar, fax, phone, at my seat and take flying lessons before I go in case the pilot has a problem? NO I went to be a tourist and have fun I paid Us Airways to get me from point a to point B SAFELY.

Travis thats alot of dives how long ya been diving?

Dive VIP








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