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Got a heart, got a life, got 3,000+ dives, expecting many more...

Travis O'Leary - Advanced Diver/Government Employee
October 11, 2004 at 1:30:01

Hi Richard.  Sorry my comments upset you so much you felt compelled to insult me on a personal level.  If it's alright with you, I think I'm just going to ignore your comments about my vocation and my scuba diving education.

Before I try to clarify the points I made before, let me just emphasize that I agree with you and many others here at Scuba Forum who said Hughes and his staff were negligent.  They should not have let people stay on the boat.  No matter what anybody says including me about individual responsibility, that's the bottom line.

I also feel very uncomfortable with the way this case has been handled by the government of Belize.  For whatever it's worth, I belong to a dive club and we voted unanimously not to plan dive trips to Belize in the future (before we did two or three a year). We also would not dive on a Hughes boat but that decision was made long before the Wave Dancer capsized (your statement that there is nothing wrong with Hughes' boats is dead wrong).

And that brings me to my previous comments about well-financed and well-advertised fleet dive boats, and the tourist divers who dive on them. My point is that most tourist divers don't really care about safety. If they did, they would not dive on Hughes' boats because his top-heavy tubs are accidents waiting to happen from the keel up. Believe me--I do investigate accidents for a living.

Tourist divers care about paradise, fun, a "once in a lifetime" holiday to use your words. Reality gets in the way of that kind of mindset Richard. That's why Hughes' boats are still full of idiot nonchalant carefree scuba diving tourists who obviously could not care less about what happened in Belize. That's the way it is Richard and I'm sorry if stating so makes you angry.

As for the Richmond Dive Club, I just checked the club's web site and I could not find anything - no articles, no pictures, no nothing - about the tragic deaths of the people you describe as their friends. Do you really need any additional proof about where tourist divers are coming from?

Go ahead and dump on me if it makes you feel better Richard, but I'm really not the problem.

Dive VIP








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