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Another year and still nothing from Belize maritime "safety" officials...

Teresa Mars - Recreational Diver/Business Owner
October 8, 2004 at 13:53:11

Another year has gone by since the Wave Dancer tragedy.  It has now been three long, difficult years. There are still no answers from IMMARBE, just continued stalling.  That seems to be their answer, stalling until anyone and everyone involved just gives up. After all, most people don't remember this tragedy anymore, that is, if it did not directly affect them. 

No one in authority in any country even bothers to reply to requests for help in getting the truth. Yet, all the family members and friends of those killed remember very well.  I actually believed in justice when this happened, thinking naively that a thorough investigation would indeed be conducted, and the responsibility and criminal negligence that is so glaringly obvious discovered and publicized. 

Belize is indeed corrupted, those in charge anyway.  Peter Hughes is able to pay off any so-called officials with enough money or threats that they simply follow his orders, much like Phillip Martin did the day of October 8, 2001.  And, if Belize is so obviously under this man's power, what about all the other countries who offer flags of convenience?  It is only a matter of time before this tragedy is repeated. 

Think, all of you who have defended Peter Hughes and placed the blame on the dead. Deep in your heart you must be aware that something was very definitely wrong, and that the injustice and dishonor to the victims' memories continues. There have been several hurricanes this year, and on Hughes' website, there was notification that the Miami offices would be closed because of the impending weather, but that the emergency number would always be answered, or calls returned. 

When I read that, I almost laughed, except that it is not funny. When I called the same "emergency" number that had been given to the passengers, begging for information about my husband, I never received an answer.  Why should any of us think that has changed???

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