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Dancer groupies, sexy dive boats???...

Teresa Mars - Wife of Wave Dancer victim Ray Mars/Pharmacist
July 20, 2004 at 00:45:11

I wasn't even going to bother to reply to someone who would say the things you said, but the more I have thought about it, I just must. First of all, what is a sexy dive boat?  And, what is a Dancer groupie? 

Did you know the victims of the Wave Dancer tragedy? I did, almost all of them, most especially my husband, Ray.  None of them were the kind of people you describe, fun-loving "tourists" interested only in being pampered on a sexy dive boat. They were mature, serious adult divers, interested in being given the opportunity to do up to 5 dives per day, in great locations, and the experience that kind of trip would allow.

They had the opportunity to spend time with like-minded people, serious divers, very careful, and safety-conscious. They compared dive photos, dive logs, the identities of everything they saw, and a shared experience that most people never know.  The complete unseaworthiness of the Wave Dancer is not something they ever imagined.

We had all met on ONE previous trip aboard a Dancer vessel, the Sea Dancer, out of Turks and Caicos.  That vessel was captained by Captain Ian, a very cautious, contientious captain, who knew what he was doing, and took absolutely no chances.  We were all told right up front that if there were weather problems, or rough seas, the dive locations would be changed, for safety first.  That was not a problem at all for the people who became innocent victims the next year. They loved scuba diving very much, but not at the cost of their lives.  To even suggest such a thing is completely unacceptable, and shocking in its stupidity.

It was recently suggested to me, tonight actually, that there are two possible explanations for the survivors' refusal to discuss the actual happenings of that last day and evening.  One is a pay-off from Peter Hughes, which is what I have always believed.  The second is that they were threatened in some way to keep their silence.

I must admit that I never even considered that, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes.  After all, anyone who keeps passengers on a boat in a Category 4 hurricane, after returning to a "safe harbor" way too late, thus allowing no room for correct docking of the vessel (even if the inept captain Philip Martin knew how, which he did not) is capable of anything.  Also, just where is Philip Martin?  He seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. Is he living in luxury on a tropical island, or has he also been silenced? 

Absolutely nothing done by the Peter Hughes Diving Corporation would surprise me in any way. So, do not insult the memory of wonderful people who only wanted to pursue a sport they loved, not seek pampering on a so-called "sexy" dive boat, whatever that is.  Try to have some human compassion, before you speak about things you know nothing about.

One more thing, if anyone from the Richmond Dive Club, knowing the truth about the Hughes Dancer fleet, goes on any trip aboard one of those vessels again, I will be very surprised. It just will not happen. Even considering the extreme cruelty of their continued silence, I would not even believe that of them.

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