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Disgusted and disappointed by the entire dive community...

Teresa Mars - Wife of Wave Dancer Victim Ray Mars
July 11, 2004 at 23:01:13

Well, I guess it was inevitable, enough time has passed that no one really gives a damn about the killings aboard the Wave Dancer. All I ever wanted was the truth, and for some reason, many have taken perverse pleasure in withholding it from me. I sure hope that they are just pleased as punch with themselves, because the not knowing has only made my and my family's lives even more hellish than the tragedy itself. I would not have thought that possible, but cruelty can do many things.

The imaginings of my mind as to Ray's last minutes are so horrendous, they cannot be erased, and they haunt me every day, especially at night.  So, everybody just keep on diving, like the rest of the Richmond Dive Club, without a thought to the 20 people who lost their lives unnecessarily. 

One of the saddest things of all is that IMMARBE has continued to refuse to make public it's so called "official report" about October 8, 2001, and I can only surmise from that that if they had indeed found that Peter Hughes and Phillip Martin were not at fault, the report would have been released right on time.  However, they have had to come up with excuse after excuse to delay it. It does not take a genius to figure out why.

All I can hope for, is that the next life will be coming soon for all those who had criminal, negligent actions, regarding the horrific unseaworthy condition of the Wave Dancer, and the ridiculous, money-hungry reasons for keeping so many people directly in the path of a Category 4 hurricane, without even giving them the correct forecast, so that they could make an informed decision as to their plans. The passengers who were killed were so much more intelligent than an ignorant, inept boat captain, not even rated for that size boat, and of course so much more than that money-hungry, thoughtless, Peter Hughes, who has no reverence for human life.

I am disgusted and disappointed by the entire dive community.  I guess they figure, "Hey, it wasn't me, so who cares???  Let's go diving."

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