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What problems???...

Teresa Mars - Wife of Wave Dancer victim Ray Mars
February 29, 2004 at 01:30:18

To Sea Bee,  What issues and/or problems are you referring to? It must be more than micro-management from Miami. What problems were you finding with the Wave Dancer's condition, especially safety related issues?  What about doors and hatches that had been replaced with non water-tight Home Depot doors? Were there large, heavy items in the engine room that were not secured, thus allowing them to shift during any storm surge, leading to the deadly capsizing?  These things need to be made public, as I have been trying to stress for over 2 years, so that another family is not devastated and irrevocably changed (unnecessarily) by the irresponsibility, greed, and actually cheapness of the Peter Hughes Company.

The whole disaster of the Wave Dancer was all about money. Does anyone really think that any of those killed so violently would argue over a refund of their trip payment? Apparently, that's what motivated Peter Hughes and Phillip Martin to make sure that the passengers had to pay for the whole trip, having completed a certain number of dives.  That cheapens the lives of those who were lost, and is an insult to those left behind.

I can guarantee you that I would be very happy to pay for any number of trips aboard the Dancer fleet, just to have Ray back. The comparison of money with a human life is disgusting, but I really expect no more than that from Hughes. From the very beginning, he has related everything to money issues, and how much this has cost him, etc.  I am not too sure how it really cost him anything, since the insurance on the Wave Dancer was the only monies paid to any family member of the victims.  Did he have to pay extra money to pay off any officials, or to get Phillip Martin out of jail in Belize?  He must have needed to spend money on something, because he keeps repeating the same line, in each interview, "The Wave Dancer incident cost us so much money."

Since the insurance on the vessel paid for the refloating of the boat after the capsizing, and also paid Hughes' own lawyers fees, what else was there? The money he so constantly whines about must have gone somewhere, maybe to IMMARBE?  Since there is still no official report, it does raise a question or two in one's mind.  Any further information you have would be very much appreciated.

I am terrified by the fact that this could so easily happen again, to another group of wonderful people, leaving behind horrible loss and devastation, and a sadness and emptiness that can never end.  Since Peter Hughes continually cries about money, never accepting any responsibility for this horrible tragedy, I can only speculate where he needed to spend that money.  That leads me to so many different thoughts.  One of those is WHO got all this money he supposedly had to spend, and how much silence did it buy?

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