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Please listen to Jeremy Robinson...

Teresa Mars -Pharmacist/Wife of Wave Dancer victim Ray Mars
February 8, 2004 at 20:29:58

Thank God, at least there is still one person who is aware of this horrific tragedy. I have also noticed that most of those Peter Hughes fans have used as their reason, "Well, nothing happened to me on MY trip".  Those kinds of statements have no bearing on the tragedy of October 8, 2001. 

The Wave Dancer was inspected, and found to be unseaworthy, with so many deficiencies that I cannot list them at this time. The captain, Phillip Martin, who I have previously said survived in a lifeboat, and was severely chastised by another poster for that, was not rated for operating the size vessel that the Wave Dancer was.  And, by the way, to that other person, do not speak of things you know nothing about. 

The first information I got directly from the survivors from the Richmond Dive Club, at Ray's wake, was that they had surfaced directly by the lifeboat where this captain and his co-captain sat.  That was near the end of the information they gave me, but they were adamant about that one fact. So, please do not talk about "poor" Phillip Martin and how he risked his own life to try to save others.  If that were true, he would have given the passengers the correct information about Hurricane Iris, and none of them would have been on the boat at the time of the storm.

The fact that my husband's life could so easily have been spared, and also the lives of 19 others, is incredibly awful. This was NOT an accident, or an unpreventible incident, and all those people could be with their families right at this minute.

As to waiting for the facts about the Wave Dancer in Belize, don't hold your breath. The official report from IMMARBE in Belize was initially promised for January, 2002, but we still do not have it.  Angelo Marzopoulos, head of IMMARBE, has said that new information has come to light, and that this newest "theory" must be fully investigated before any report can even be thought of.  He indicated that at least several more months will be needed for this "full investigation". 

There were at least two previous theories, which were both disproven.  Then they supposedly had to wait for the survivors' statements. But the survivors refused to speak to IMMARBE until after the lawsuit they were so anxious to be a part of was "settled". They finally gave their testimony a year ago this month, yet still no report. 

How very convenient for Hughes that another reason for not releasing this much-anticipated report just happened to pop up. I fully believe that IMMARBE, Angelo Marzopoulos specifically, has absolutely no intention of ever releasing this report, but will continue to come up with theories that get crazier with time.  This is being done, and will be continued, until they think the family members of the dead (who of course cannot speak for themselves) just give up and go away.  However, that will not happen, as long as there are still a few of us who care about what happened, and want above all else to prevent this horror from being visited upon another family.

So, thank you, Jeremy Robinson, for not booking any trips on any of the Dancer fleet.  Please make sure all your friends stay off these boats also. The only way to be sure that Hughes and Martin do not get away with murder is to make sure they cannot be in business anymore. 

Apparently, no one in authority cares enough to see that answers are given, and questions answered.  Since they do not, it is up to those of us who still find some value in human life, and are so distressed by the loss of all those wonderful people on the Wave Dancer, any one of whom had so much more character, morals, and ethics than Peter Hughes. 

It is horrible that they are gone and Hughes is still roaming this earth, untouched by a tragedy of his own making. All my friends and family assure me that he will pay dearly in the next life, some of them have used the phrase "burn in Hell for all eternity".

But accountability should also come in this life.

Dive VIP








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