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We still don't know why these innocent people were left to die...

Teresa Mars - Wive of Wave Dancer victim Ray Mars
October 20, 2002 at 21:01:26

I would like to make some additional comments. They address my ongoing anger and search for the truth. First of all, my husband, Ray Mars, and I had our entire future planned, and had worked very hard for 33 years together, and that was stolen from us by irresponsibility and negligence.

Second, I actually thought that the Belizean government would really investigate this tragedy and indeed have answers for us in January. Of course, that has not happened. The 3 survivors from the Richmond Dive Club have continued to refuse to cooperate with the Belize authorities, so I don't know if we families will ever get the answers we so desperately need.

Third, this is the United States of America. Twenty lives were lost, eighteen American citizens.  Despite many letters sent to U. S. government officials via the ACT NOW campaign, I see no interest on their part in finding out what happened to their citizens.  Ray worked for the FDA for over 29 years and dedicated his entire career to regulation and safety.  Is this how he is paid back?

And, Mr. Treadway, since you think Peter Hughes is the safest dive operation in the world, did you not know that he has changed his hurricane plan? If it was so safe in the first place, it would not have needed to be changed. I was with Ray on almost every other dive trip he took, and many were during the hurricane season.  Other dive operators were always prepared for possible disaster, and shelters were ready.

When Hurricane Bonnie came close to the Turks and Caicos Islands in August, 1998, Ray was very diligent in finding out where the shelters were. So, he did not change his entire being on this one trip to Belize. There is a reason the divers remained aboard the Wave Dancer, however, we have yet to find out what it is. I will continue to work toward discovering why these innocent people were left to die.

Action Divers








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