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Peter Hughes is a disgrace to the human race...

Jennifer Sands - Widow of Jim Sands who died in the 9/11 attack
September 27, 2002 at 10:32:57

Peter Hughes is a disgrace to the dive industry, and to the human race.

My husband, Jim Sands, was killed in the World Trade Center on September 11th. Such a tragedy I never could have imagined. He was my soulmate, my best friend, and among many other roles, he was my dive buddy.

When I first read about the Wave Dancer tragedy, my heart broke for all the families, because I know all too well the emotions of grief and loss they are feeling... we ask "why, why, why" but we just don't get any answers. Because of the global nature of 9/11, the world opened their hearts and their wallets and helped the 9/11 families through the most difficult times of our lives. Without their generous contributions, I don't know where I would be right now - probably homeless, for starters.  I thought about how "fortunate" I am (indeed, NO ONE is fortunate here, but I'm referring to being the humble recipient of public generosity)... and I imagined that the families of the Wave Dancer were not so fortunate, and certainly did not get the amount and frequency of public donations that 9/11 families did. So I contributed one of my WTC Relief checks to the DAN/Wave Dancer fund - in a way, to "pay it forward" by helping others in need.

I am now totally appalled, livid, and infuriated to read that the families have not received any of the money from the DAN fund.  Even worse, that I probably somehow contributed to Mr. Negligence Himself, Peter Hughes. I might as well have sent my check to some US Government officials - you know, the ones who had warnings and information about a potential terrorist "hit" on NY and Washington DC that day, but chose not to do anything about it - hmmmm... that sounds familiar.... "let's not tell anyone, I'm sure that threat (hurricane) will just go away. No need to instill panic or anything. Let's keep this Business (Party) As Usual."

My heart still breaks for the Wave Dancer  families. They have every right to know what happened (and what should have happened but didn't) that day. It's time for Peter Hughes to stop hiding behind the skirt of Mother Nature, and take responsibility for his actions (or lack thereof). C'mon, Peter... what's the worst that can happen to YOU?   You tell the truth and admit you and/or your crew made some poor decisions? MAYBE you'll lose your beloved company as a result? Well that pales in comparison to what the families have lost.  Their "worst case scenario" already happened.

I don't dive much anymore.   Without my dive buddy it just isn't the same... but I have lots of diving friends, and they have all officially boycotted the Peter Hughes Dancer fleet.

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with you, families.  May you somehow find peace and comfort in the knowledge that there are lots of people that care about you, and about the outcome of this case.  Stay strong.

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