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To Dale Treadway...

Teresa Mars - Wife of Wave Dancer victim Ray Mars
August 8, 2003 at 23:09:13

I know you supposedly commented to Heather Johnston, but I am answering you anyway.  I spoke to my husband the morning of October 8, 2001, from the Wave Dancer. He specifically told me that the captain had told all the passengers that they were going to a safe, secure place where they had ridden out hurricanes before. He said that the captain told all of them that everything would be fine, just as all the previous times.  Now, why would you say that it was the victims' fault, when they could only go on the advice of the supposed "expert"?

Also, the grocer who went to the Wave Dancer was not seen by any of the passengers, he only spoke to the captain.  So, why would you say that the victims obviously knew the opportunity to go to shelter?  That is simply NOT true.  I asked my husband to get off the boat, and he said they were unable to. We had a very short conversation, because so many others were waiting to use the only satellite phone available to all of them, so I never was able to ask why they couldn't, but it can only be because they were assured that they would be safe in the harbor at Big Creek.

As far as I am concerned, the captain purposefully kept them on board, so as not to abort the trip, thereby killing them, while he himself was in the lifeboat.  I still am amazed by that one simple fact.  Isn't the captain supposed to go down with the ship?  Like I have said before, only those with morals and integrity.

I also have said countless times that I knew almost all of the victims, and none of them would have put their lives in danger.  My husband had everything to live for, a wonderful future to look forward to, etc.  So, when you say that it is the victims' fault, for being in a dangerous location, you are dishonoring their memory.  That is also a horribly cruel, and ignorant statement. 

The cook who perished in this tragedy told her husband that she was not being allowed to get off the boat. That, I believe, was the same circumstance my husband and all the other victims found themselves in. Phillip Martin would not allow them to leave, and had assured them that they would be just fine. He completely lied to all of them, and that directly caused their untimely, painful, horrible deaths.  Now, all the family members left behind are merely trying to seek answers as to what their loved ones' last moments were like, and we are met with refusal to answer by IMMARBE, and cruel statements from people like you.

Thanks ever so, and I hope you are proud of attacking the grieving daughters and wives of Wave Dancer victims.  How can you even live with yourself?  And, by the way, whether or not you dive in hurricane season, does not mean you will die. There are shelters, and plenty of warning. It's not the same as an earthquake, hurricanes are predicted with plenty of time for so-called professionals like Peter Hughes and Phillip Martin to make arrangements for their passengers' safety. You make absolutely no sense at all.

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