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'Divers helping divers' or DAN corporate criminals helping themselves to your money?

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Peter Bennett
Down but not quite out: Sacked DAN CEO Pete Bennett contemplates DAN's mission...

After years of bitter in-fighting and an ugly 18-month legal battle, Divers Alert Network - DAN - has finally ousted Peter Bennett, the tainted, self-aggrandizing, scandal-plagued president and CEO of the world's only dive safety non-profit transformed into an off-shore tax-evading insurance company.

Bennett, who allegedly spent member funds for his personal benefit, attempted to transfer DAN corporate assets to a company he secretly owned, and mismanaged DAN's global network, finally agreed to step down after cutting a private retirement deal with DAN's Board of Directors. According to court documents, Bennett was demanding a golden parachute worth nearly $1 million.

Whatever "pay me, I'll stop being a pain in the ass" deal Bennett (who insists on being addressed as "Dr" Bennett although he is not a medical doctor) actually finagled out of DAN and court-appointed mediators, DAN members will have to pick up the tab for Bennett's posh retirement and legal bills rumored to be in excess of half a million dollars.

Understandably, DAN members are unamused by efforts to silence criticism "because the insurance company made tons of money". Many are now asking why they should continue to support an organization that has drifted away from its original safety mission, abused the trust of its members, squandered donations on travel junkets and other lavish expenditures, and launched a global network run by Bennett's greedy cronies who meet annually to squabble over territory, compare sleezy off-shore tax-evasion strategies and launch fear campaigns aimed at scaring divers into buying more DAN insurance.

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