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Peter Bennett helped Hughes whitewash the Wave Dancer deaths...

Teresa Mars - Wife of Wave Dancer victim Ray Mars
February 2, 2003 at 09:16:36

No surprise really.  Peter Bennett helped Peter Hughes whitewash the Wave Dancer deaths despite so many questions about decisions that can only be described as reckless.  All Hughes had to do was make a phone call to Bennett to get DAN to give its "blessing" to Hughes with a "help the families" campaign that was obviously nothing more than a public relations stunt to whitewash the Wave Dancer deaths.

Yet DAN refused to call on the Belize government to conduct a thorough investigation into the Wave Dancer tragedy. And Bennett refused to answer my letters.

DAN doesn't really care about diver safety--they care about money and who gives it to them. 

For the record, the families of the Wave Dancer victims never got one penny from the DAN/Hughes public relations fund/campaign. Of course, a thorough investigation is more important but I just thought DAN members and others who contributed to that fund might want to know that their donations never got to the families of the victims.  The reports about how DAN has been squandering member donations may explain why.

What we - I mean the family members - really want is a full investigation of what happened in Belize.  That's where DAN could make a big difference but they won't do anything that might upset their business relationship with Hughes, and his "business-as-usual" arrangements in Belize.

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