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People should take on responsibility...

Mandy-Rae - PADI Course Director/Dive Instructor
January 21, 2004 at 11:54:51

I love how the article starts off saying that the author is a Scuba Diver diving at 100 feet.  He then goes on to state that his certification only allows him to dive to 40 feet.  If this person is an adult who has taken the PADI Scuba Diver Course and passed then he has also learned what he is allowed to do (depth limits etc.).

Whether in diving or not, anyone can go out and break rules that they know they shouldn't. People do it all the time. How many people drive a car but speed? How many people get hurt or die because of it? If more people would follow the rules that they have paid money to learn then fewer people would get hurt.

The article is one to be laughed at as this is just what this person is doing. He is saying that he is not smart enough to take responibility for his actions. If he knows that he is only suppose to dive to 40 feet then he should only dive to 40 feet. No one can make you go furthure. It is not the course that is lacking it is the person that is.

Everyone should take their dive courses seriously and follow the rules.  No matter what type of course you take. Be responsible for yourself!

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