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I really enjoyed the PADI Open Water cert class...

Chris - Open Water Course Participant/Student
January 4, 2004 at 20:31:20

Just today I finished my confined water dives as part of the Open Water Class... I found this class to be very informative. For 200 bucks I feel I got a very good grasp of diving and its rewards. I think the PADI video/book/instructor were all top notch, and emphasized the important aspects of diving, safety!

Even though I have not completed my open water dives, I feel very confident and secure in what I have been taught.  I feel that much of a diver's success/surviving rests in his own hands. As with any subject, the student must be serious and willing to learn. I would recommend the course to anyone interested in learning to dive.

So far, the time spent is as follows, about 4-6 hours preparation (video, knowledge reviews, etc), about 7 hours of non stop class time, and about 6 hours of pool time. For a serious student, this is more than enough to understand the rewards and dangers of diving.  I am very satisfied, and for me, two weekends is the only way I could have completed this course. Thanks.

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