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I will never dive again with an inexperienced PADI diver...

Chris - Ex Navy Diver/Nurse
January 4, 2004 at 10:20:49

I recently (approx. 2 months ago) did a dive in Ohio in a local quarry with 5 other people who were all PADI divers.  I'm new to this area and I didnt have a dive partner so I used a Buddy List found at a local dive shop. Everyone with experience or proper training either didnt return my call or said "no thanks." Why I have no idea. 

Anyway, I met this guy and his so called "diver" friends at the quarry.  I had never dove with any civilian divers, and man was I shocked at the lack of knowledge and safety. There was one guy who knew everything there was to know about BCDs but didn't even know how to read dive tables.  So I guess its better to look good then be safe. 

When the divers entered the water, there was no safety check done. I questioned a couple of the divers on other issues, in particular dive medicine. They were clueless.  I dont know much about civilian diving and civilian dive equipment, but I do know I will never dive again with an inexperienced PADI diver.

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