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Just read the article after locating CDNN. Great site/great stuff BUT...

Vic - AOW/Writer
November 4, 2003 at 17:09:10

Just read the article - after just locating this web site. Great site/great stuff.

Interesting, however; the site claims to offer only "unbiased, objective" facts, albeit the PADI piece appeared a bit one-sided all the way through. Granted, the class may be "dumbed down" but a recent experience with a PADI-certified Divemaster proved to me it's not the class, per se, but the instructor and pupil also who contribute.

I've been diving regularly (at least 30 dives per year) for the past 10 years and wound up rescuing a diver clearly in distress while diving with a divemaster (neither diver was known to me). While this divemaster made sure to show everyone on the boat all his c-cards (in his specially made PADI notebook), when it came to realizing a diver was in distress, the guy was clueless. Further, he couldn't even navigate us back to the boat -- getting lost! I kept pointing to where the boat was...and where we should be!

I dive with a dive club, with longtime divers who were doing it before it became a fad, and I've learned a tremendous amount from being with them, attending the lectures and dive classes offered by the club. I'm not a divemaster, but I've been put in situations where I've outperformed so-called divemasters.

Point is, you get out of a course what you put into it. Your article would have done a better service to readers and potential divers to stress that point.

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