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Dive training then holidays...

Beks - Dive Instructor/Liveaboard Crew
July 23, 2003 at 03:59:28

I just want to add to this forum, I've worked on a few live aboard dive vessels in Australia.  I want to say that divers these days are trained so quick, I think it goes in one ear and out the other, they look okay at their skills and then yah a cert card in their hand and they are ready to take on the world!!!

They come to my dive boat, forget every single bit of training they have, most of them haven't dived for years, it's like the come to Aussie and say "hey the GBR great, um I learnt to dive a few years ago, I haven't dived since, but I'm sure I'll be all right".  Then they book onto a advanced diving boat, what I mean is a dive trip for the more advanced diver.

Ready set go, the next minute they're in the water, they can't dive at all, and you end up looking after this diver all trip.

Ok that is my job, but..... Should I have to risk my life everytime a novice diver comes aboard a dive boat?

Why aren't the instructors at the start saying "hey you should dive at least 4-5 times a year, dont just think because you have this card that you can conquer the world"...

Do people actually understand DCS and other related injuries?

Hot showers straight after a deep dive, skin diving after deep dives and all the rest that comes with a dive trip. I mean these people don't dive every day and most aren't fit to be diving.

Hmmmm maybe I'm the one with rocks in my head???

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