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Teaching updates facilitate learning styles...

M - OWSI/Biology Teacher
July 21, 2003 at 14:14:14

In the last week I have been reading and reviewing the comments posted about PADI's changes to the O/W program.  I do not agree that the course is "dumbed down" but rather upgraded to attempt to reach different learning styles to allow more success to those who are interested in learning to dive.

As a teacher in the classroom teaching life and earth sciences, I was very pleased to see the changes in the PADI program as it not only allows flexibility in the use of technology and other hands on tools, but it gives scuba instructors the challenge to stay current.  In this statement I am saying that some instructors choose to stay in the "old" world not even wanting to update their dive gear let alone learn how to reach students with new tools.

The PADI program teaches old dogs new tricks while teaching new dogs the old rules of safety with the use of technology and independent study in their busy lifestyles.  Their is no compromise when it comes to diver safety, the laws of physics apply no matter how the course is taught.  The new materials allow me to reinforce to my students through a variety of means just how important this knowledge is.

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