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In Germany the majority dives with VDST...

Julia Aspodien - VDST*/Biology Student
October 25, 2006 at 10:35:05

I started diving in 1998 in a diving club here in Germany. I still have never been diving in the sea. Instead I was in some German lakes. You do not see as much in there as you would in the sea, but you learn. You learn to take correctly, to stay calm in a lot of situations, to notice what is going on arround you (how many aquatic organism you CAN find), to really understand your partners and to pay attention to them and to take care of the environment, so that you can dive a second time and can not follow a path of destruction from your first dive. Shortly: You get used to being under water and the use of your equipment almost becomes a habit.

I also dived with PADI divers and with most of them I did not feel save either. But you can not expect to get experience in 3 days, if nobody is telling you to how many things you have to pay attention to. For some people, who want to experience diving once in a life time it might seem to be the best solution.

But I think, even though you actually wanted to try it just once, you should come out of the water (which ever it is) and think I want to do it again, not just because "the fish were great", but also because it felt comfortable and safe.

The last two words of the article made me sad, because diving can be a wonderful sport and I hope that a lot of people can make this experience too.

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