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Airplane example not really valid...

Jason - Open Water/Sales
August 16, 2006 at 14:31:58

To compare the Padi Scuba Diver certification to a faulty airplane is not really a good analogy. Student pilots can fly airplanes with an instructor. Do we stop allowing them to fly because they cannot fly solo during their training.

The plane anology would be like giving a diver defective equipment.  Defective equipment and training are two different things. I still think the nail was hit on the head.  Bad instructors result in bad divers.  There are dive instructors in some parts of the world who are simply irresponsible.  I was in the dive shop recently and listened as the owner lamented some of the certified open water divers he has been seeing come into the shop who had been down to 100+feet with their instructor after just earning their open water certification or worse with only being resort certified.

I am not defending resort certifications or the PADI Scuba Diver C Card. Both I think should be thrown out.  But with bad instructors even an Advanced Open Water Diver Cert is a recipe for disaster.  A dive instructor that will take a teenage boy who just finished his OW cert. down to 105 feet (as the young man claimed to the dive shop owner) might as well have put a bullet into the young man's head. 

Due to a bad instructor the young man has no respect for the danger that he is in from breaking the rules and not following the training he was supposed to recieve from the instructor.  He hasn't had the experience or training to deal with the issues that can come up when deep water diving but in his twisted mind it's "no big deal" (His words).  If the kid doesn't end up dead it will be a miracle.  His instructor failed him as did the instructor of the other students in my OW class.

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