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Re: Stop complaining about training standards and read the course outline...

Aaagogo - SSI DM/ TDI CAVE & Trimix
July 28, 2006 at 7:17:28

Nick, are you even a certified diver? Seriously, what do you mean by many people don't want to spend weeks learning physics and technology and just wants to me amazed by what's under the sea.

Do you fly a plane? Cause many people also want to fly a plane just cause it's so cool and it looks amazing up there as well and they too don't want to spend weeks learing the physics, technology and the other stuff that needs to be MASTERED while flying as same as diving. Can you even comprehend how important the physics and physiology of scuba diving are? PADI opening up the "scuba diver" course is just like the AFF telling their skydiving instructors to certify people who know where the main and reserve parachute chord is and at what altitude to deploy their parachute? Seriously, are you even a diver?

You mentioned too that the "scuba diver" program states that the diver must dive with the professional diver must dive with a professional level diver, and limited to 12 meters.

What makes anyone sure that the "professional level" diver is really up to par when the "scuba diver" messes up. And what do you mean by limited to 12 meters. It really does make me wonder how much of standard that is when everyone knows that in crystal clear waters, depth is deceiving and anyone can easily and unknowingly break their "certified depth" standards. How many time have you broke your "certified depth" just cause the water was so clear?

Scuba diving is a very serious fun sport, if anyone cannot spend the time learning the proper procedure to all the basics there is to know about diving, they should not be certified. It would just be like asking a student pilot who is solo certified to ferry people around the place. They are simply not trained enough to react or recognise the potential threats or dangers.

Look, I do not say this in any offending manner, but in a community where 80% are one specific racial group and 80% of the people in jail are from that racial group, it is not a case of racial discrimination or what but just the laws of math and physics at work. So if you look at the number of diving accidents and or incidents that happens at resorts and the so-called "scuba divers" and everything else, and it points to 1 company, is it not time that that particular company stop and look at what on earth is wrong rather than having to keep defending that people are biased against them?

At the end of the day, we should be doing everything that we can to make people know that with proper training, scuba diving is a safe sport to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages. Instead of putting people out who think they know what they are doing but become another statistic figure...

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