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Stop complaining about training standards and read the course outline...

Nick - MSTD/Instructor, Marine Biologist
April 24, 2006 at 11:28:29

Many people go on holiday and dont want to spend weeks learning physics and technology, they want to be amazed by whats under the sea, hell thats why i got into it. Have you all forgotten how amazing it is down there? The Padi Scuba Diver Course is just an introductory certification that provides people the chance to be WOWED and Amazed like i was and please guys remember that you cant blame a whole company for a bad course you can only blame Bad Instructors for giving bad Courses.

I think the Scuba Diver Program is a great course for people who want time to do other things like camel riding and visiting Temples and they know they get limited training and experience hense the guidlines. Padi should not be blamed for the daft behaviour of Dive instructors who perform recklessly underwater. Padi provide a system for taking complaints and issues about professionals you have a problem with and certain depths that you speak of are taught in every course and are not just recommendations for one as a working Divemaster certified divers enter the water knowing the limits of there training and are made well aware of depth limits in there courses.

And one more thing the scuba diver program states that the Scuba diver must dive with a professional level diver at all times and is limited to a depth of 12 meters I myself and every other Padi Standard abiding Professional knows this and will uphold these specific Standards. If you witness any Instructor or Divemaster breaking Standards please take there name and contact a Padi Office.

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