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PADI prepares divers for ideal conditions only...

Dave Gn - AOW/Managerial
April 10, 2006 at 09:17:08

After a hundred + dives in all types of ocean dives, I can now reflect on the flaw in PADI and perhaps all dive training. PADI, and PADI "advanced" are fine if you are going to spend your days diving in clear water, no currents, no medical emerg. with a buddy, and easy navigational markers. But beyond that, you learn everything else the hard way, through experience that is gained at high risk.  I have had 2 near-misses in my day because I had not the training or experience.

There should be a "probationary period" after PADI adv. that takes you through 25 dives with an instructor who ensures you are placed in all of the foreseeable conditions you'll be in one day. Then, and only then, should you be left to go out on your own or with a minimally experienced buddy.

I can't tell you how many group dives I have been on with strangers, whereby I was forced to keep an eye on at least one so he/she wouldn't kill himself.  That was because the divemaster was busy keeping an eye on the other ones.  Too many people in the water who haven't enough exposure to the real elements.

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