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How does PADI's Scuba Diver compare to other agency minimum certifications?...

Scott - OWD/Engineer
April 3, 2006 at 20:21:10

I find it unusual that the article considers PADI's Scuba Diver program to be flawed (and it may well be), but is it significantly worse than NAUI's Skin Diver or SSI's Passport Diver. These are also minimum time certification programs and have very limited instruction. As far as I can tell, these programs are pretty similar to PADI's Scuba Diver program. If the PADI program is unsafe at any depth, shouldn't these programs also be highlighted as flawed? If they are better in some meaningful way, what features do they have that make them better?

It just seems that there should be criteria that should be met by anyone wanting certification to dive. Any investigation should start with an assertion of what those criteria should be. Any agency that doesn't meet them should then be targeted.

Otherwise, I just have a hard time taking the criticisms seriously.  Especially, when the article makes damning statements but doesn't really use reasoned argument. "PADI Scuba Divers ignore the depth limits" - do similarly qualified NAUI and SSI divers obey the limits?  I realize this is an editorial but it really ought to stick with some of the normal tenets of journalism.

Nonetheless, perhaps PADI's program is more flawed than others and desreves being singled out. Anyone have experience with the content of other certification agencies and can offer an educated opinion?

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