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How much and how complete the training is a relative thing...

Jim Morrison - Advanced/Retired
March 24, 2006 at 12:31:15

I agree with the thrust of what Stanford Suzuki says in his article titled "Unsafe at any Depth: PADI Scuba Diver".  I think he brings into focus the most important things in diving, that is, safety. However there are some complications that need addressing.

There is an ANSI standards that apply to sport diving training.  If PADI is in complinace with those standards (and other standards that legally apply), then perhaps the fault is with the standards and they should then be changed.

Another point is that how much and how complete the training is a relative thing.  If you  make the criteria for getting into and passing a class for diver certification so difficult that the majority of people can't get certified you could graduate much better trained students.  You would also eliminate some reasonable people who would survive just fine with less training who choose to dive under realitively safe conditions. Where do you draw the line?

From an ethical point of view we should ask: What is the consensus of the diving community? Articles like Mr. Suzuki's help determine this, and I applaud him for courage to stand up and state what he believes in, even though the PADI organization may not agree.

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