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As a PADI scuba instructor, I feel the 'Scuba Diver' course is flawed...

K Austin - Instructor/Diving Instructor
March 13, 2006 at 11:51:09

As an inst for padi i personally feel the scuba diver course is flawed and missing vital saftey features. although this is a personal view, i and many others share it. because we feel it is wrong and flawed we refuse to teach it (not all of us are money led) personally i will not take anyone diving with me unless they are open water quallified or above. i would rather lose a few bucks than lose a diver or be responsible for the death of one and bring diving a bad name.

I spend most of my dive time now in the uk for those that know the conditions we have to put up with will know this is  no place for the scuba diver cert, even most open water divers need aditional training to dive in the uk if they have learnt whilst on holiday. remember the rule you can dive in the same or better conditions you have learnt in. if you dont agree with the scuba diver course then dont teach it or guide those with that qualification, sooner or later with all instructors doing this padi will learn the error of the course and start to put divers first instead of pound notes.

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