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Get off your silly bully pulpit: The issue is a defective unsafe product called the PADI Scuba Diver course...

Jerome - Divemaster/Corporate Banker
March 4, 2006 at 8:32:25

Sorry Hairy, if you don't want to be called ridiculous, don't be ridiculous and don't lecture me about how I should react to your distorted rant.  CDNN never said "...that PADI is unsafe, and just a money making machine" and neither did I.  Either you cannot read or you are deliberately misrepresenting CDNN and me as PADI bashers in order to discredit fair and just criticisms of a specific PADI product, which is clearly defective and unsafe.

From the editorial:

"Anyone familiar with the diving industry is aware that PADI, the US-based diver certification agency, is often criticized for introducing programs based more on marketing objectives than educational ones.  Some of that criticism is justified; much of it is nothing more than PADI-bashing by those who resent the company's success...No PADI program has ignited more controversy and criticism than the PADI "Scuba Diver" course. In that case, at least, the critics are right."

Twisting that into "...CDNN's argument that PADI is unsafe, and just a money making machine..." is more than ridiculous, it's absolutely moronic.  As are your comments implying that regulating product safety is extreme:  "I'd prefer to be free to make my own choices, right or wrong, than to live in a world where everything is regulated to the extreme."  Right.  Until the electric toaster kills your daughter.

You can scream all you want about individual freedom and any of your other pet peeves but this is about a defective product called the PADI Scuba Diver course.

To cut to the chase, consumer choice is an irrelevent backdrop.  The issue front and center is whether or not a specific product is actually defective. The PADI Scuba Course is defective and unsafe because it substitutes supervision for adequate training.  Therefore, it should be withdrawn from the market and it would be prudent rather than extreme to do so.

End of movie (as the sun sets on a Paul Hogan look-alike wearing one of those dumb leather hats screaming at Qantas airlines staff, "Hey mate, don't call me ridiculous and don't tell me about regulations that say I can't take my 10-inch hunting knife and 500-lb personal air compressor to Fiji).

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