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Automobile drivers are weapons in the wrong hands...

Hairy - Beginner/IT Developer
March 2, 2006 at 17:13:12

Jerome,  I am not being ridiculous, nor am I comparing apples with avocado's. I am expressing my opinion, which I believe is what these forums are for. Is their an absolute right or wrong answer? Who is to decide?

Drivers share the road with many other drivers daily. The speeds that they drive with are dangerous unless one has been trained, and knows the laws. Driving on public roads where you can kill others should be a priveledge, and require a license. A 1 ton car, travelling at 100kph can not be compared with scubadiving.

Scuba diving is completely different to driving, and is more like Mountain Climbing, or if you want surfing and swimming.

One does not require a license to go to the beach and swim or surf either. (even if one has not been taught to swim or surf!) Nor is it illegal if you choose to go swimming somewhere else than a patrolled beach. There are still dangers of rocks, reefs, rips, etc.

The choice has been left up to the individual. The government provides patrolled beaches for our safety, and various schools teach swimming - but in the end, it is our choice whether we use these facilities or not.

A drowning swimmer can be dangerous to others around him/her also - as you would have learnt when you did your scuba training.

Personally, I think mountain climbing is a great example. It's another system where you have a buddy that you need to trust, and the risks are just as high as scuba diving. And yes, you don't need a license to mountain climb! Why should scuba be any different?

I personally believe that the world has gone too far in getting involved in everyone elses business, when IMO it shouldn't have anything to do with them.

AFAIK, (and correct me if I'm wrong) you don't legally need a license to scuba dive anyway. (At least not in Australia) If I purchased gear at an auction, on ebay, or in a trading post, and I had an alternative way to compress the air with filters, I could go without ever have been certified, and not get arrested or fined. (Just like mountain climbing, or swimming).

The reason shops and resorts don't sell/hire to uncertified divers hasn't got anything to do with legality, but more so liability. They're protected if they meet the requirements of PADI or another scuba organisation.

However, I'm doing the PADI course at the moment, and I personally feel that they are doing a great job at teaching us the dangers, how to deal with different situations, etc. I have no complaints, and I feel safe.

I'm a little suspicious that maybe most of the poeple who complain about PADI are those that have done a course with someone else, and because PADI doesn't do it the way they were taught, they think it's wrong, and dangerous.

My argument is 2 fold. First to me, it appears as though CDNN, and others like yourself believe that people shouldn't have to have responsibility for themselves, and their should be organisations that control us instead, under the name of 'safety'.

Secondly so far, I have seen no evidence that supports CDNN's argument that PADI is unsafe, and just a money making machine. Is their a survey to show the % of divers that have had accidents under the PADI system, as opposed to other systems, or is it all conjecture and accusations at the moment?

Don't get me wrong - I can see your point about wanting to keep others safe, and give SCUBA a good reputation of being safe - and I can appreciate that. But that's comming from one particular viewpoint that we need to protect each other from themselves. Try for a moment to see things from my viewpoint before you respond. Get an understanding of why I say what I do. I don't condem your view point - I just have a different opinion, which I'm sharing here. Trying to show a different angle on the whole subject.

I personally lean towards freedom, rather than personal safety. (By personal, I mean where one can hurt themselves - not others). I'd prefer to be free to make my own choices, right or wrong, than to live in a world where everything is regulated to the extreme, which IMO is what is happening with the western world at the moment.

(They recently tried to bring in a law here, that would have stopped grandparents on a farm from taking their grandchildren out to collect the eggs from their chickens without undergoing a police check and a location safety check... all under the name of "health & safety"). Yes - this is a far cry from scuba certification - but the people behind it IMO had a similar mindset.

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