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Inform people, give them options, and let them decide for themselves...

Hairy - Beginner/IT Developer
February 28, 2006 at 19:41:27

Jerome, you have a point about the buddy system. However, mountain climbing would be no different. Anyone can go buy some gear, and go jump off a mountain if they're stupied enough too. When mountain climbing, you would want to know that you could trust your buddy.

Same with scuba diving. No certificate saying they passed something is going to proove that they're safe to dive with, or are a good buddy. You need to know them personally for that. (How many people do what's right in a test to pass, and then do things their own way anyway)...

Don't get me wrong - I'm not against PADI, or any other organisation that teaches people how to do things safely. (In fact, I believe PADI does it the best way - as it gives people more of a choice.) In the end you can't protect people from themselves. You can try - but if someone's going to be stupied... they're going to be stupied.

Inform people, give them options, and let them decide for themselves. It makes them accountable that way, and not PADI, or any other organisation.

I for instance, am currently doing the PADI open water dive course. I, *personally* want to learn more, and become a safer diver than the open water course gives, so I will do an advanced course with an instructor to improve my safety. It's my decision, and I like the fact that I have freedom to choose either way with PADI.

Likewise, if I decided that I didn't care about learning more, and wanted to take x amount of risk, that should be my decision too - and the organisation or instructors should not have to be liable for any stupied things I may do.

Just explaining where my thoughts come from. I'm certainly not against safety, but I think the Pendulum has swung too far to one side at present.

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