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Not in defence of any certification organisation...

A.R Omar - Master Scuba Diver/Manager
February 22, 2006 at 02:34:01

I don't think your name-calling me is on. I was just giving my thoughts to the whole topic. If you don't subscribe to it, then write in a proper manner.

Like I said, I only did it with PADI because my daughters did their Junior Open Water with PADI. To me, it doesn't matter which dive organisation certifies me as long as I'm certified to dive legally. If you think PADI is not okay, then take it up to a legal institution to make it illegal.

I have no problems diving with supervision then as an Open Water Diver because the rules say so for PADI..and I just continued diving to get more experience. And I continued to dive with PADI because of continuity. It makes more sense for me to go along with the instructor I am comfortable with.

If you say that none of the dive organisation is safe, then don't dive. If you call me an industry whore who comes to the defence of the advertiser that I don't gain any financial benefit from, then you must be the unwanted whore who whines about everything.

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