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What's the problem with PADI Scuba Diver? Read your own comment Andreas...

BT - PADI Master Instructor/Dive Center
February 11, 2006 at 14:42:26

Re: "And 'PADI scuba divers' that go diving in the Blue Hole in Belize are just plain STUPID!!! The dive center/divemasters/instructors that took those people diving there should be taken their certifications...What is the problem some divers have with this certification?"  Andreas

Andreas, as you were attempting to defend PADI Scuba Diver, you answered your own question as to why some divers have a problem with the certification.  Ironically, you underscored the point CDNN made about PADI's failure to establish mandatory requirements as opposed to mere recommendations.

If you believe that dive centers/divemasters/instructors should be expelled or suspended for taking people with the PADI Scuba Diver cert deeper than 40 feet, then you also have a problem with the course. Without mandatory depth limits, PADI cannot do anything about the the vast majority of divemasters and instructors who ignore depth limit recommendations.

As for giving people a taste of diving, isn't that what Discover Scuba is all about? Those programs achieve the objective better because they are governed by mandatory limits and nobody gets a license after they take a couple of experience dives.

And as for people starting the course and finishing it someplace else, isn't that what the referral system is all about?  Again, that program achieves the objective better than PADI Scuba Diver because it does not sacrifice Open Water course training standards to get people certified and into diving.

One thing you are right about is that businesses have to make money. Most dive businesses are quite small and have a very small profit margin.  We run a dive boat with a captain and two dive guides. One leads the group, the other follows.  If we had to employ additional staff to take care of divers who can't dive the plan, we would go belly up. 

So we are caught in the same dilemma that confronts many other dive ops. Take the 'bad' divers along with the 'good' ones, or tell them up-front we don't accept the PADI Scuba Diver certification. Like most dive centers, we take their money and take them diving with everybody else.  But we would prefer that everybody who signs up for boat diving be certified to at least the Open Water level.  In other words, we agree with CDNN. PADI should dump the Scuba Diver course--it's a defective education product.

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