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Welcome to the world of "zero tolerance"...

Andreas Bieger - PADI Staff Instructor/Instructor
February 10, 2006 at 19:25:48

Does anybody actually know what the PADI Scuba Diver course really is? Did anybody read the PADI standards? Well, if not - just stop talking and writing BULLSHIT.

That somebody learned scuba diving 30 years ago the hard way is his personal problem. Bullshitting about PADI and their standards is a sign of bad education and a very bad attitude...

PADI is a very professional organisation, and, like your employer (who ever it is), has to make money. This is more than legitimate, no?

The Scuba Diver certification has been developed to actually help people get certified. Imagine that some people DO NOT want to dive in a quarry or in a lake... imkagine they want to learn diving during their vacations, maybe in a week holidays in Mexico. Maybe they start their course, and maybe they get sick... Sh... happens, no? So instead of losing lots of money and having to start all over again, they just continue where they stopped - maybe with the Scuba Diver certification. Or people do not know yet whether to take a course or not. So, why not let them dive a couple of times WITH A PROFESSIONAL to 40ft to get the taste of it?

What is the problem some divers have with this certification? We are not in the 70`s anymore... People do not have to demonstrate that they can survive an exit from a torpedo tube of a submarine - that`s beyond any recreational scuba diving course.

PADI's approach to get people into diving is commercial, but in my opinion it is one of the safest ways to learn diving. I became PADI instructor because I think that other training agencies are just not safe enough!!!

And "PADI scuba divers" that go diving in the Blue Hole in Belize are just plain STUPID!!! The dive center/divemasters/instructors that took those people diving there should be taken their certifications.

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